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Very cool article on pistons in Popular Mechanics. They even give a pictorial contrast of various pistons ranging from a Ferrari to a chainsaw.

At full throttle and 6000 rpm, a piston in a gasoline engine is subjected to nearly 10 tons of force every 0.02 second as repeated explosions heat the metal to more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Porsche Engine Assembly

Do yourself a favor and watch this…

Build Your Own Engine

If you special order a Corvette Z06 you can pay extra to go assemble your own engine.

I’m no Chevy fan… nor do I really care for Corvettes… but I gotta respect this.

NTSB Not Happy Across the Board

The NTSB isn’t happy with the FAA, Boeing, or even the battery manufacturer with regards to the 787 battery fires.

“Have you ever googled ‘laptop battery fire’? These folks never watched that movie.”

More on Space

Fantastic article on the International Space Station over at The Atlantic.

I’m not necessarily on a space-kick lately… but space transportation is fun to watch develop.

Pushing Space Flight Limits

Popular Mechanics has a good summary of SpaceX’s latest efforts to reuse rockets. They’ve been tracking this since originally scheduled in December. This is a big deal for space flight and interplanetary exploration.

Top Gear: Porsche 918 in Abu Dhabi

Another fantastic Top Gear segment shot in Abu Dhabi… this time Richard Hammond takes a look at Porsche’s new hybrid supercar, the 918. I can’t get enough of the blue flames shooting out of the exhaust.

Mercedes 6×6 in the UAE…

Mercedes created an incredible 6×6 beast based on their Geländewagen (G-wagon) platform. A joy to behold… and Top Gear’s Richard Hammond proves it a joy to drive as well. Bonus that it was filmed here in the UAE.

An Internet-connected Transportation System

So you have a network of taxis and buses running around your city and you make them all unique WiFi access points. Pretty slick. Step it up a notch though and you have an innovative way to track the status of various components of your city’s infrastructure. Outstanding!

Motor sounds

Fascinating look at why a Toyota V6 and a Porsche Flat 6 sound so different…